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​Why choose us
General manager—Mr. HughGeneral manager—Mr. Hugh

Established in 2008, Jolly has grown step by step from a small factory with only a few employees to a company with more than 150 employees. Our success relies on our commitment in doing every task in a right way for every phone case, and also the trust and support of our customers. If you want to find a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of mobile phone cases, then Jolly is an ideal choice.

We have the following six strong reasons to prove to our customers that Jolly is the right company to work with.

  • Keep up to date with market

    Since its establishment in 2008, Jolly has been committed to the production of mobile phone protective leather cases.

    Keep up to date with market
  • Design capability

    It is rare to find mobile phones without an accompanying protective case. Besides protecting phones, cases often serve as a fashion accessory.

    Design capability
  • Material of cell phone case

    If you want to make high-quality mobile phone covers, it is extremely important to select high-quality raw materials.

    Material of cell phone case
  • Manufacturing power

    Our workshops are divided according to the production process and processing sequence, including cutting, material preparation, gluing, sewing.

    Manufacturing power
  • Quality Testing

    In addition to these, we also have a special testing workshop. It includes a magnetic tester, constant temperature and humidity tester.

    Quality Testing
  • Benefits of assurance

    Jolly always prioritizes the quality of products, from raw materials to mobile phone leather products, each stage has a strict inspection process.

    Benefits of assurance

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